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Wed, Oct. 19th, 2005, 01:45 pm
A Poem

Anyway, I am now in a band and we jam during the weekends. We even have a blog now. It's at http://oraclejams.blogspot.com

Here's one for the road ...
(Released under the terms of this licence at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/)

An end to remember
Death by sleight of the hand
death coming as a marching band
seething foaming at the mouth
marching on, marching south

as civilizations crumble
their march ended in a stumble
filled with destruction and loss
they fall to the call of chaos

one by one they all fell
we now stand at the gates of hell
death comes to hold our hand
death and it's merry marching band

break not your stride my men
let us march into the lion's den
break not your stride and fall
though all the heavens may call

heaven knows our time will come
and ash and dust we will become
but until then we will march on
to meet our doom, till we are gone

our world too will fall at last
to the lightnings the heavens cast
but until then we must hold
the last of the strong and the bold

our woes will come and we will fall
and raging fires will consume us all
but stand and burn we will and must
burn until we are all ash and dust

blood and fire will wash us all
as we go to the mother's call
to return whence we came
and none remember what became

of those who dared to stand and face
the horrors that befell our race
though none may know your name
nor mine, our race will share our fame

our work man one day will find
the ruins which we have left behind
and wonder who we had been
what these strange words could mean

but that day will not be today
so tarry not, lets be on our way
to face the coming tide of death
as long as there is one more breath

the end is coming, know it all
be it today or not we will fall
we will make an end to remember
from now on to the end of forever

and all will know of the time we fell
those from a time when all was well
facing the certainity of their doom
who stood to try defy their nation's tomb

Guha S Kashyap

Wed, Jul. 13th, 2005, 06:05 pm
Make my life

I really realized that I've been listening to a lot of music lately. Today, while I was driving to work, my phone rang. I hit the pause button and the track ("The Bravery - An Honest Mistake") stopped playing. And I heard an odd sound I haven't really heard in a long while - the sound of traffic. Talking on the phone was quick, but the memory lingers. The shock of not having a track playing in the background, pushing me higher, pumping up the adrenaline in my veins until I feel that I am corroding from within, my veins getting worn away, is simply stunning.

Then I realized that my new iPod Shuffle had - quite literally - almost become an attachment, a part of my body. I work listening to music, I drive listening to music, I go to sleep with the earphones firmly embedded in my cranial-aural cavities. I wake up without them on. I guess my uncle must take them off when he wakes up and sees them on. Anyway, once I am all fresh and ready, and have taken my bath, they come on again.

If you are wondering if I am gloating about my new iPod, think again. I'm talking about Music here. the Vitamin M that keeps a lot of us going. I can literally reel off the names of many people around me who live for and only-because-they-listen-to good music. Ask me. I meet them everywhere. The dude in the Ad agency who is old enough to be my uncle's youngest brother, but who just signed up to be the lead guitarist in my upcoming band. The dude who plays the drums for his church, who taught himself to play them, without ever attending a single class anywhere. His brother, who learned to play the keyboard the same way. The dude who works at the local Planet M, who can reel off facts and stats about any Rock band/troupe .. the genre, the style, the way it sounds, the quality of the album. He works there part time, and only (or so it seems to me) so he can stay close to the Music.

Music makes my life. There is nothing I can do without it. I cannot be without the waves of wild riffs that crash against the cliffs of the pounding beat, without the spiraling electric wails that pull the heavens down, without the wild strumming that pull the chords of my consciousness, the mind-bending keening guitar/keyboard combination that threatens to suck the soul way into the higher planes of elevated consciousness, the subtle bass rumbling in the background as the vocalist vents his emotion in a lilting fountain of words in a haunting melody that takes the mind's window off to a far-off world, to a far off place where the words paint the picture of a solitary man on a podium, the iron-grey clouds hiding a blood-red sky raining ashes and fire, as the ground roars and throbs to the beat of an unseen drum, the earth splits and the world shakes to the rhythm of the most haunting melodies...


PS: If you are interested in joining a rock ensemble and are in hyderabad, the you are in luck. It doesn't matter what you play, that you never learned, that you never did it before, that you can't play GnR well enough or whatever. If you want to play your own thing, your own song, your own dream, then you are reading the right blog. Get me at guha dot kashyap at gmail dot com or call me on 91-9440103175. Now!

To quote Zack De La Rocha (The former frontman of Rage Against The Machine),
"It has to start sometime,
It has to start somewhere.
What better time than now,
What better place than here!

Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 05:20 pm
Hmm ...

Hey guys...

Well, to update all you guys (and gals) what's on in my life, I've been doing a bit of stuff the last couple of weeks.... like trying to start up a rock band!! 

I've got a drummer and (heh) yours truly as vocalist and I've been trying pretty hard to get hold of a couple of guitarists (Need 'em pretty badly. )  And I've been running accross  town, and the ones I come accross .. well, let's just say I don't want to talk about my experiences!

Either I'm being pushed in some direction by life, or my karma must be really bad! (Or Good. Depends. I guess.) The other day I was in this pub with my buddy (I wasn't boozing. He was. I swear! No, mommy, I'm a good boy!) and I run into the DJ's mate. Guess what? He turns out to be a guitarist aaand ... he has this cousin who does the keyboard for his church. Woohoo!

Hey, wait. This is starting to sound positive. We need to remedy this. Well, fact is, I took his number down, and I cant seem to find it now. Waah! (Karma, there you go. Happy now?)


Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005, 09:03 am
Oh crap ...

Yesterday I went to interview this guy at ICICI and came back sans my cool shades and my cell phone. It happened like this ... go up and meet the guy, interview him (5th floor) and come back down via the stairs. At the top i glance at my helmet (where i put my shades in their cover and put) and see my shades. At the ground level, I glance again ... and freeze ... No shades! ... Oh crap! so i alert the security and go up again to look. this time i take the stairs ...and talk to the guy and look around ...then i use my hand-kercheif to mop my sweat off ... and oops!! ... no cellphone in my pockets!!! ...NOOooooooo!!! I spend the next one hour going up and down, and alert the admin people and the security guys...the best they can say is that maybe it will show up soon ...maybe!

<moan> OOOooohhhh!! Maaaan!!! I loved those shades!!! And my cell phone!!! </moan>

<mandatory cut scene>

I am outside the Robber Baron Bank, looking up at it's majestic gruesome-ness

Me: "OOh! Looky! The RBB Building!!! .. Let's go upstairs!"
Dude-oid: "Okay..but you asked for it... Don't blame me later!!! ... Body Armor, where are you? " (puts Body Armor on)
.... We go upstairs .....
Me: "Looky! People! Ooooo!"
Dude-oid (in an aside): "Yeah, like we'd find anything else in this here city!"

... We look around and time passes ... (show clock in fast-forward) ....

Me: "It's getting late ...let's head home!"
Dude-oid: "About Time you came to your senses ... before you go , check what youve got .... as for me , my Body Armo.... aaagh!!! "
(looks down at his naked body)
Dude-oid: "My undies! They didn't ven leave me my undies! What am I gonna do?"
Me: "Bwahahahahaha!!!! The lifts are crowded ..let's take the stairs!!"
Dude-oid: "Ono! Ono! Noooo!!!" (I drag him down the stairs)

.... We emerge at the ground level .....

Dude-oid: " Well, at least we are in one piece! Let's call Morpheus and get out of here!"

... Reaches into my pockets....

Dude-oid: "Uwaaa! The cell phone! It's goooone! How do we leve the May-trix now? Mooorpheeeeuuusss!!! Heeelppp!!!!"
Me: "Must be the Agents at work ... if I gotta go out ... I'm going out in style ....Yeehaw!!!"


Me: " Man it's dark in here ... some crank turned off the lights while we were climbing down the stairs ....HEY!!! People!! Somebody turn on the lights!!"
Dude-oid: "Thay's funny, i can see fine .... GASP!!! Man somebody's gotten you! You've lost your eyes!!!!!
Me: "My eyes ...?" (Touch my face)
Me: "Hey ... My shades!!!!!! My shades! Somebody's gotten my shades!!!! I'd borrowed them from Neo!!! What's he gonna say!!!! "

... Fade to BLACK ....

<End cut scene>

Tue, Mar. 15th, 2005, 02:59 pm

Well, well, well... what do we have here? Let's see ... an ill-maintained blog, with some funny pop-quizzes on the front? Tsk-tsk! That won't do! Not at all!!

Heh heh ... if you guys were wondering if i'd finally gone nuts (not that the doubt would be unfair!) ... you're WRONG! Lol! That was what I thought the reaction of a seasoned blogger would be, if he'd (she'd , if you like it that way) look at my blog. :)

Well, anyway, here's another post (yawn) .... Tomorrow is a big day for me... I go join my next company... It's called Dr Reddy's Foundation, and it is a non-profit whose sole aim is to eradiate poverty and empower today's underprvileged youth by giving them some opportunities, namely by training them and getting them hired in various fields... (pun not intended).

What am I doing in a setup like this? I dunno! No, really! All I do know is that even _thinking_ of working in a so-called IT company today causes my stomach to tie itself into knots... I just _hate_ the way these guys operate. I guess I'm just another burnout victim, but hey, this is _my_ life. I go where I want to and if I dont like IT ... well, what do I care what people say? Anyway, just so you people don't start getting weird ideas, well, my work _is_ IT related ..in a way (Hey, what do you think I was? A complete baboon?). I am part of a project to set up an e-learning platform that can reach accross to where these guys can't set up their offices.

So .. this is for all those people in Indian IT ..slaves and slave-drivers alike ..... "Ha!"

(Well? What are you guys staring at? That was it !... that's all ...now move along folks! Nothing to see here! ;) )


Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 08:03 pm
What element am I ?

Hmmm ....
I got this on _ithilenranger's journal... looks nice, right? Try it out!! (Thanks Sammy!)

Your Element is Air: You are an artistic person
with a unique sense of style. Your attitude
changes along with colors, style and outlook on
life. You are intelligent and curious person;
although prone to wander in thought. You are
constantly active, care-free, kind and you most
likely enjoy singing. You are the person in
your group who keeps everyone happy and free
from worry. You have what everyone is searching
for, that proverbial fountain of youth deep
inside. You can come across as childish, but
you're really just having fun. Constantly
moving, the air is a force of nature. One
moment you can be a breeze, the next a tornado
but, you are usually calm, and in desperate
situations, you can be the sanest person there.

What's your Element?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fri, Dec. 31st, 2004, 12:53 pm
Without me ...

Hey! People! I'm baaack!!! (again) Well, this time , i'm for REAL!!! Anyway, I am now _still_ in the same job, in the same company (man this job SUCKS!!!) doing the same thing again (grind, grind!) ... and again and again .... ad nauseam.

As for the May-trix episodes, I promise you'll be seeing a few more of those soon (oh, yeah.. heh heh!)

Till then, consider this a place holder .... okay people, duty calls!  Till my next post, people,

Have a happy new year ... and if you see any Jerks who you feel should belong in the May-trix, Gun'em down!!!!
(And mail me and tell me all about them!)

Mwahahahahaa!! See ya!!!


Thu, Nov. 4th, 2004, 01:40 pm

Hey all,
It's great to be back after such a long time. I was really held up not only because the project I am a part of at my office was about to end , but also because I was too lazy to get back online until I felt I'd gotten enough rest after the ordeal. :)

So.. here's the new stuff that happened in my life ....
1. I got a couple of new job offers from guys who think im just another fresher coder who'll work for the dregs that they care to toss at me ... (No!. you dopes, I'm an MBA grad from one of the top 15 B-Schools in the country!!!)

2. I'm really getting along with my karate classes!!! I belong to the Shoto-kan school of the Okinawan Goju-Ryu style, in case you want to know. :)

3. I was down with some kind of a viral fever for over a week ... because of the really unpredictabe weather here. (I got soaked in the rain a couple of times.)

4. My project manager and project lead are about to foist yet another project upon my weary shoulders .... aagh!!!!

<Mandatory Cut Scene>

I am shackled to my computer table, cringing in my seat and trying to wheel it backwards as the PM and PL-oid loom over me ...

Me: "But ... but ...I just finished up my part of the last one last week!!!"
PL-oid: " ...And you just finished your vacation ten minutes ago! Now work!!!"
(Brandishes a whip!!)
PM: "What do you have to say now Missster _____ ? "
Me: "Hah! I refuse! I'll do anything but work now ... I know! Training!"
PL-oid: (puzzled) "Training? What about training?"
(Looks at the PM quizzically).
Me: (feverishly, speaking really fast) "Remamber? Last month? You said I could go to the new VapourMatica Training sessions? I...I want that!!!"
PM: "AHA!!!Gotcha!!! Grab him!!!"
Me: "Huh? ... Haaalp!!!"

... The PL-oid grabs me and plugs my head to the computer's parallel port. Then he inserts a CD into the drive and presses a key. My eyelids start fluttering wildly ...

PM: (To me) "Let that be a lesson to all who try to escape work by asking for training!!!"

(A lady runs to the window and jumps out)
Lady-oid: "EEEEEeeek!!!" (splat)
Pl-oid: "Yes master!!! A lesson!!! Mwahahahaaa!!"
PM : "There will be no escape!!! Bind them in chains Igor!!! As for you ...." (turning to me, Lightning Flashes and Thunder rolls in the background)
PM: " ALL YOU BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!! Mwahahahahahaaaa!!!!"

.... Fade to Darkness ....
<End Cut Scene>

Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 05:01 pm
Birthday Boy!

Hey all,
Yesterday was my birthday. An guess what I got? A GMail invite!!! yay! I am now guha-dot-kashyap-at-gmail-dot-com . Howzzat?
Did anybody say Celebration? Yeah I celebrated ... by working in the office till 9 O'Clock in the night. Some birthday, lol!!! My office-mates did splatter cake all over my face, though. I guess it's too good an opportunity to miss! Anyway the cake tasted fine, and I did forget to use my face-wash the previous evening, so no problem...

< Movie Sequence >

...Inside the May-Trix...

Me: "Happy Birthday to me! , Happy Birthday to me! ...."
Boss-oid: "Ah-ha!! Caught you!"

GRAB!!! Gets hold of my collar....

Me: "Huh? What'd I do?"
Boss-oid: "Don't you know? Birthday celebrations are a national offence!!! That is, any birthday celerations but mine!!!"
Boss-oid: "Ow! My ears!"

(Lets go of me.)

Me: "Mwahahaha!! Now for my escape!!!"

(I Quickly scoot around to the other side of the table , where a HUGE birthday cake is on top).

Friend-oid: "Hey ****,over here! I'll help you!!!"
Me: "Okay! Phew! Sav..."

ZAP!!! He transforms into an Agent wearing a suit and a cone-y birthday-party cap and all other assorted birthday-party gear.

Agent-oid: "Got him! "
Me: "Mummy!"
Boss-oid: "Now that we got him, what do we do with him?"
Agent-oid: "I know! Let's give him the gruesome-est death in the May-Trix!!!"

...Zoom out to show the Boss-oid holding me from behind while the Agent sticks his hands in the cake ....

Boss-oid: "Bwahahahahahahaaaa!!!"
Agent: "Mwahahahahahaaaa!!! Eat THIS !!!!"
Me: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..."


...Outside the May-Trix....

Tank, Trinity and Morpheus are staring at a monitor running the Matrix screen saver ....

Tank: "Sniff! They got him, boss!!!" (Wipes a tear away)

Trinity: "He always told me that there was a death out there with his name written on it ... but THIS way?"
(Breaks down and cries)

Morpheus: "And it was Vanilla Icing, too, the bastards!!!"

<End Movie Sequence>

Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 11:20 am
Roadhouse Blues

Man i feel soooooo tired  ... saturday went so fast , it met itself coming ;) .... and sunday i went on a looong drive to this beautiful place called Mahabalipuram with a friend.I think I drove for a total of around 150 km on my bike yesterday. We ate out after that. I think I have a stomach upset. :)

<Movie Sequence>

After a looooong bike ride in the May-Trix ...

Me: "Hey Trinity, that was a great ride! Maybe we can do that again sometime, huh?"
Me: "Ouch!!! What was that for?"
Trin: "For the 500 kilometers of detour that you took to find a pizza joint."
Me: "Oh! That! Heh Heh! Did you like..."
Me: "Ow!!! Stop that!"
Trin: "And that was for the crap that you call Pizza! My stomach hurts bad!!!"
Me: "Whups! The pizza was fine ... It must be that extra Jalapeno Pepper Topping I ordered without askin.."
Me: "Ouch! What was THAT for?"
Trin: "That's for ruining the new handbag with which I hit you!"
Me: "Aw Gee .. sorry! Look! I'll make it up ... I know just the place..."
Trin: "And this is for the manicure you're going to ruin!.... Haiiii-Yaaah!!!"

<End Movie Sequence>

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